The Story
Five men ride into the eerie town of “Yellow Rock”, hoping to rescue a family member and his lost boy. The leader, Max Dietrich, hires “Mountain Man”, Tom Hanner, to guide them into the “Black Paw Tribe” territory for the search.
Hanner agrees on the condition that they receive permission from the Tribe to enter their lands. They attain it with the assistance of Doctor Sarah Taylor, who tends to the Indians, allowing her to live in the territory.

The group rides in, receives permission from the Tribal Elders, led by Chief White Eagle Feather, and endeavor to trek through the wild land in search of the missing.

Once they pass through, the old Indian legend of a “curse” comes true. Now riddled with the fever for yellow rock, they must fight the haunted lands, wild animals, and eventually each other in the quest upon this journey.

Ultimately, divine justice is met ~ leaving the Black Paw Tribe to live once more in peace...until...the next "white men" came.

​A dark and brooding man, he leads his band of inscrutable cowboys, with a tight fist. He and his men, ride into the eerie, broken down town of “Yellow Rock”. He seeks out Tom Hanner to help search for his lost “kin”. ​Upon finding him, he states that his family members must have crossed into “Black Paw Territory” by mistake.  Smart as a fox and enigmatic, his will is never questioned. Anyone in his way, will meet with his two-fisted guns….until he finds the haunted Indian Territory he crosses has put him on the wrong path.
Max Deitrich

​A lone trapper, haunted by a tragic past. He lives on the outskirts of “Black Paw Tribe" Territory, allowed by the Tribe to traverse their land. When hired by Max Dietrich for a “Search and Rescue” mission through the unforgiving territory, Tom seizes the opportunity to cure his own prior mistakes. But when fate deals him an unexpected hand, it challenges him to find his inner strength and become the man he once was, one more time…
Tom Hanner

​Kind-hearted, yet strong, she is dedicated to curing the “Black Paw Tribe” of the diseases brought upon them by the “White Men”. Respected and honored, she is allowed to live in their Territory, affording her their protection. When Tom Hanner asks her to attain permission to cross into “Black Paw” lands, she is reluctant to trust the posse he brings. The mission they embark upon tests her will and her instincts ~ bringing her to the brink of saving a life or taking one…
Dr. Sarah Taylor

​The strong, and respected “peaceful” warrior of the Tribe. He is also the loyal protector of Dr. Sarah and convinces his people to trust the “White Man”, one more time on this mission. Charged as the envoy by the Tribe, he promises he will keep the secrets of their land ~ and avoid the "Legends of the Curse". When his promises are “broken“, he calls upon his mysterious and powerful brother, to aid him in his trials. But when his hand is forced, the blade he carries must speak for him ~ as he rises to become the “Warrior” of his birthright.
Broken Wing

​​​The trusted brother of “Broken Wing” and rebel of the Tribe. He knows the minds of the “White Man”, having seen past deeds almost destroy their people. He “sees” all, shadowing the expedition through the territory. He is at one with nature and the iconic wolves that roam their land, who answer his beckon call. Using all his power, he is both the protector of his people and savior to his brother.
Angry Wolf

​​A handsome “Ladies Man”, he is charming, and a smooth talker between his sips from his silver flask. Cunning, yet soft-spoken, he lets his fast-twirling guns do the talking for him, when his “charming words” fail.No one knows his innermost thoughts, not even his boss Dietrich…until he shows even him, exactly what he was really thinking.
Preston Cobb

​Seemingly “innocent” and childlike, he follows his boss Dietrich, like a trusted dog.At one with his mandolin, he wiles away his troubles through his strumming ~ yet unbeknownst to him, his haunting tunes underscore his own troubles to come.Always making mistakes, he finds that his innermost fears come to fruition and as the most “unwise” of the posse ~ he is the only one that was right.
Roscoe Parsley

​​The youngest of Dietrich’s posse, he wears his drunkenness like a badge of courage amongst the men. Always, mouthing off to “Farley” and wise-cracking to anyone he pleases without respect ~ yet craving it himself. Quick with his gun and empty threats, he finds his draw might not be as fast as his sharp tongue…

​​A growling bear of man, the smoke from his cigar matches his smoldering temperament.
Constantly wielding his pistol, he's always ready for a quick shot ~ whether whiskey or from his gun.
He is a gruff and grimy cowboy from the Old West ~ wearing his emotions on his sleeve…till he finds that those that live by the gun can die by it too…